Shivashankar M.

Shivashankar was born in the holy pilgrim-town, Udupi, and had his primary and secondary education in the picturesque Malnad region of Karnataka. He obtained his B.E (E&C) degree from Mysore University and M.S. from Manipal University. He has specialized in embedded software development, tele-communication software and system software.

After his B.E. degree, he worked in IT industry at Bangalore, then went to overseas, and served in many software companies. In this connection, he has traveled across many countries. After serving in USA and Singapore, he returned to his hometown and currently he is working for a private company in Manipal.

He has specialized in nature and wildlife photography, which motivated him to take keen interest in bird photography. He has traveled extensively across the twin districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi, for the bird photography of Coastal Karnataka eco-region. He mainly uses Canon tele-lens and cameras for wildlife photography. He is co-author of the book “Birds of Southern coastal Karnataka“. He has contributed his photographs and images to many national and international books and journals, including “Rainforest Safari” (Carlton Books Ltd), “Glimpses from India’s Natural World” (Broadway publishers), “Indian Birds” and many more. He is also associated with nature conservation and educational programmes.

His special fields of interests are spirituality and meditation. Since many years, he has been practicing ‘Sahaj Marg’ Raja-yoga System, which he believes is quite essential for balancing the life.

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